Games to Raise Money for Charity

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Fundraising activities come in many forms and styles. From bake sales and car washes to raffles and sweepstakes, organisers have a variety of choices when deciding how to raise money for their charitable organisation. Games can be an effective fundraiser.

They can be played as a side attraction to a larger fundraising event or be played before or during other activities at an event to raise extra donations. Some games can serve as the main attraction and serve as the centre of attention for your fundraising efforts.

Heads and Tails

Heads and Tails can serve as an audience-participation activity during dinners or presentations when you have a captive audience, according to FastTrack Fundraising. Guests can contribute a participation fee prior to playing the game, and organisers can offer a portion of the pool or a predetermined prize to the winner. Place envelopes on the tables prior the guests' arrival and have them place their participation donation in the envelope at the beginning of the game. Collect the envelopes and have all participants stand up. Have them select either heads or tails by placing their hand on their head or backside and holding that position. Flip a coin and announce the results. Participants who chose correctly can remain standing while the others must sit down. Continue flipping the coin until all participants are eliminated except for the winner.

Cow Chip Bingo

Organisers of this event may want to secure use of a soccer or football field and build an entire event around this game. Fundraiser Help suggests dividing the field into numbered squares with spray paint or field chalk and selling the squares to participants. A large field of 500 squares can bring in £6,500 in revenue if sold for £13 each. You can adjust the number of squares and pricing to fit your needs. When all of the squares are sold, release a cow onto the field and let it roam as attendees cheer it on. Whatever numbered square is the recipient of the cow's first cow pie earns that square holder a predetermined prize. Organisers can award a portion of the revenue or partner with businesses to offer trips and other prizes. You can rotate cows through the playing field to keep the fundraising efforts moving and give attendees multiple chances to win.

Wet Sponge Toss

This classic game can earn donations by giving participants the opportunity to fire wet sponges at high-value targets, such as their school principal or boss. According to Better-Fundraising-Ideas, putting a person of power or authority in a voluntary vulnerable position can usually loosen up the pockets of attendees eager for a little good-natured payback. Celebrities and other well-known people also can attract a line of donors to wait their turn for a chance to nail the victim. Have players draft their preferred target and watch them unload on family members and friends. No prize needs to be awarded in this game, as the satisfaction of a well-placed toss is usually reward enough for participants. Cream pies, water balloons and other items can also be used. Create a menu of items with different pricing options related to the goo factor.