Advantages & Disadvantages of a Greenhouse

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Greenhouses provide a unique environment where flowers and plants can be grown in areas where they might otherwise not be able to grow. With greenhouses, gardeners now have the opportunity to keep and maintain a garden year around vs. only part of the year.

Each type of greenhouse provides many advantages, as well as several disadvantages.


The main benefit that a greenhouse provides is the ability to control an artificial environment. Every gardener can manipulate a greenhouse---often depending upon the type of plants and flowers she wants to grow. Since greenhouses are closed off, they can be created and maintained in the majority of environments across the globe and throughout the seasons of the year.


Since the environment is controllable, greenhouses can be made to house a variety of plants and flowers---including those that might not ordinarily grow in the area in which you live. This variety allows gardeners to enjoy growing non-domestic plants and flowers to expand their gardening skills.


Greenhouses are only for dedicated gardeners. They require a lot of work and constant maintenance. Setting up a greenhouse should be done in an area with fertile soil if possible, and it requires the set-up of either a glass or plastic exterior. Plants require constant watering just as they would in a regular garden. Since this is a year-round process, the homeowner must be mindful if she decides to leave-- she must find someone to take care of the plants to ensure the health of the garden is maintained.


Greenhouses---especially glass greenhouses---can be expensive to construct. For those who install automatic watering systems and hydroponic farming systems---which ensures that soil and water are constantly available to plants---they become even more expensive. In colder areas, heaters are constantly running, which can cause homeowner's electricity bill to rise as well.


One of the most common, as well as elegant types of greenhouses, are the ones created out of glass. Glass is much more aesthetically pleasing than other plastic exteriors; however, there are a few notable disadvantages. Glass requires constant cleaning since it is more prone to get dirty from dust. Many gardeners also don't like glass since it allows a tremendous amount of direct sunlight through---which can cause sunburns on plants.