Walk-in showers are becoming increasingly popular in many residential bathrooms due to their sleek, modern appearance and typically easy to clean surfaces. If you are considering or planning to install one of these high-end showers in your home, it's best to explore your options and accumulate ideas of how your shower could look. Looks are available that work to create an entire theme in the bathroom, such as a spa theme or a rustic theme. You can build your entire bathroom using the shower as a design focal point, or use the shower as an addition to a completed, decorated bathroom.



Doorless walk-in showers usually do not have to take up much space and are either installed with three sides without a complete enclosing, or are designed so that the shower is not enclosed at all and is completely open within the bathroom. When choosing this style of shower, it's important to determine whether or not you want a water barrier or if you want the water to flow over the entire bathroom floor. These types of showers can be a bit pricey and are often found in five-star hotels.



Slate walk-in showers are a classy, ornate addition to a bathroom. These showers look like a piece of art, especially when coordinated effectively with artistic decor such as Greek or Roman themed.



Marble walk-in showers also give an elegant vibe to bathrooms. Try decorating the bathroom with an art-deco or classically formal look for seamless blending of the elements.



Rustic walk-in showers are enclosed within a small wooden cabin, usually built of beechwood, and the shower heads used in this design are often made from copper. These kinds of showers tend to provide the consumer with the look and feel of a sauna right in the comfort of his or her own home. Rustic walk-in showers are also increasingly popular due to their relatively low cost.



These types of walk-in showers are designed to give you a sense of relaxation as if you were in a spa. They utilise several shower heads and are typically designed with light, neutral colours to give a clean and soothing tone to your shower. Spa walk-in showers are definitely on the pricier end of the market. They tend to be much bigger than other shower designs and are made with high-quality, expensive materials.

  • These types of walk-in showers are designed to give you a sense of relaxation as if you were in a spa.