Ideas for Framing Wallpaper Samples

wallpaper image by Wendy Lea Morgan from

Stores use wallpaper sample books to sell rolls to customers. Each book contains pages of sample patterns and colours. Once the patterns are discontinued, the store has no use for the books and often give the books away.

The pattern books are a source for wallpaper sheets, which, when framed, make a new decorative element for your home. If you want to use ideas for framing wallpaper samples and can't find the samples, use smaller sheets of cheap wallpaper.

Contrast the Frame

Turn one sheet of wallpaper and an old frame into a new frame for your house. Pick two sheets of wallpaper that have shades in common but different patterns. Alternatively, use sheets with a similar pattern but of two different colours. Make the new picture frame by removing the backing and glass. Wrap the wallpaper around the frame itself, tucking the edges under the back. Trim off the excess, and slide the glass back into place. Turn the other piece of wallpaper into the picture for the frame by wrapping it around the backing and trimming off the extra paper. Once you put the backing onto the frame, you have an individualised piece of art for your home.

Cluster the Frames

Use photo frames in the same colour but in different sizes and shapes. Pick frames that are fairly neutral, such as white or black, because those colours work with all shades and patterns of your wallpaper. If you can't find photo frames in the same shade, spray paint the frames yourself. Cover the floor with old newspaper, remove the backings and glass and lay just the frames down on the paper. Coat the sides and front of each frame with a layer of spray paint, and let the frames fully dry. Place the wallpaper samples into each frame, and hang the frames on the wall. Cluster the frames together along one wall.

Make a Focal Point

Even a small wallpaper sample makes a big impression when used as a focal point for a room. Place the sample in a small white picture frame, and set the framed sample on a shelf in your room. If you have larger or oversized wallpaper samples, frame those as well. Set the pieces of wallpaper in three long and thin frames, and hang the frames together on the wall. The final piece gives the impression of artwork but costs very little.