Six year wedding anniversary gifts

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The traditional wedding gift for a sixth-year wedding anniversary is iron and sugar, with wood being the modern gift alternative. When shopping for a wedding anniversary gift for a spouse or a couple, let traditional gift suggestions inspire your gift selection.


If the gift is for your spouse, don't be tempted to give her a clothes iron or an ironing board as a sixth year wedding anniversary gift, although a set of golf clubs might be a clever way to keep within the traditional guidelines. Exercise equipment or a membership to an athletic club, to "pump iron," might be appreciated. Consider a waffle iron, unless the recipient is expecting a romantic gift. If this is the case, throw in a weekend trip to a cosy country cottage and take along the waffle iron and gourmet syrup. The waffle iron will represent the traditional iron, while the syrup is the sugar. Gifts made of iron include sculptures, jewellery, fireplace sets, candlesticks, furniture and other home accessories.


Instead of an off-the-shelf gift, make a batch of homemade sweets as a sixth-year wedding anniversary gift. Another option is to bake a homemade cake, using Smarties to decorate the icing. When giving sweets as a wedding anniversary gift, consider the recipient's preferences. The couple or person may have a favourite brand or type, such as dark chocolate instead of milk chocolate. When purchasing the gift, customise the sweets by looking for vendors offering personalised images or copy imprinted on the chocolates or on the wrapper or box. Personalised sweets offered by vendors includes chocolate bars, M&M's, lollipops and more.


Wood is the modern alternative to traditional sixth-year wedding anniversary gift suggestions. For a couple, consider having a wooden plaque engraved for their home, holiday home home or camper van. The plaque might say something like "John and Jill's Retreat." Another option is a young tree to plant in their garden. Give a wooden picture frame, intended to hold a picture of the couple. Personal items made from wood include jewellery or jewellery boxes. Other gifts made from wood include pen sets, letter openers, furniture, sculptures, bowls, porch swings, cutting boards, trays, desk sets, cigar boxes and a variety of home accessories.

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