What are the dangers of foam parties?

Foam parties present some safety issues that you should be aware of before attending one. Most of these safety hazards occur in rare cases; however, knowing about them can help you make a decision if you want to attend a foam party.


Fungus can grow if a room is constantly used for foam parties and it is not properly cleaned out and dried before every party. The warm, moist environment is an ideal breeding ground for all types of fungi. Mold is another concern as well. If rooms are aired out, mould and fungus should not be a worry.


In August of 2008, three people were killed at a foam party in Turkey. This was a result of electrocution when the foam machine operator slipped, causing electrical components to come in contact with the liquid elements. This is a rare occurrence, but the combination of water and electricity is potentially hazardous.


The wet, dark and crowded environment that typically also involves alcohol is a potentially hazardous place for injuries. The floor is obscured so it is hard to see if someone is there, and the wetness makes it very easy to slip and fall. Wearing rubber soled shoes can help prevent injury from falling.

Skin Irritation

Some people experience skin irritation from the soap that is used at these parties. If you have sensitive skin, there is a chance that you can develop a skin rash. If foam gets in your eyes, there is also a chance that eye irritation can result.

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