Funny Things to Do at a 50th Birthday Party

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A 50th birthday party can be a lot of fun, and is a great way to celebrate a major milestone in a lighthearted way. While nostalgia and appreciation are appropriate at such an event, approaching the onset of age in a humorous way can keep things upbeat.

Funny gifts, games and toasts at a 50th birthday party poke fun at the loss of youth and help keep everyone laughing.

Humorous Toasts

A funny toast is one of the best ways to keep a party lighthearted. A hilarious personal anecdote or a 50th birthday-related joke both make great toasts. Don't be afraid of waxing sentimental, either: as long as your toast contains some light ribbing and material enough for a few laughs, talking about how much the birthday boy means to you and what an all-around excellent guy he is works fine in a humorous toast.

Over-the-hill Party Games

If you're the one planning the party, turning classic party games into age-related jokes can make the occasion even funnier. Musical Recliners or Pin-the-Toupee-on-the-Bald-Guy are both staples of this genre, but dozens of other such games are possible. You can also put together a personalised trivia game, and have guests guess the birthday girl's age in old pictures, or at the time of various historical events.

Funny Gifts

Gag gifts are another way to get a good laugh at a 50th birthday party. A retirement countdown clock is one great idea. Another gift sure to get laughter is 50 lollipops in a flower pot, with the label "Fifty Sucks." Or you can poke fun at old age with a huge bottle of prune juice, tied to a champagne glass with a satin ribbon. After he opens the package, propose a toast "to his health!"