The Best Places to Retire on the East Coast

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"Baby Boomers" born between 1946-1964 are facing retirement in hordes. As such, a huge market for retirement planning has emerged. As a result, many financial publications and news outlets are compiling lists of the best places to retire. If you are beginning your career or on the threshold of retirement, consider some of these East Coast locations for your "golden years."

Retire in New England

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Across New England are some of the best retirement locations on the East Coast. If crisp fall evenings and historic hamlets are your cup of tea, consider Montpelier, Vermont, or Northampton, Massachusetts. Both cities ranked highly on AARP The Magazine's best places to retire list for 2010.

Montpelier, Vermont's capitol, is a quaint town of about 8,000 citizens. AARP noted that the town's charm allows residents to enjoy the "simple life." Meanwhile, Northampton was noted as a college town and destination for nature lovers. For art lovers, Northampton hosts the Paradise City Arts festival twice a year.

Retire in the mid-Atlantic

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The Mid Atlantic is a popular retirement destination for retirees that desire a central location. The first state is home to coastal communities that are an easy drive from New York City, Philadelphia, and Washington DC. Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, has increasingly attracted retirees due to low taxes, affordable cost of living, and proximity to waterfront activities.

Retire along the Southern Atlantic Coast

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For years, the Southern Atlantic Coast has been a highly desirable destination for retirees. The beaches, low cost of living, and warm weather are big draws. AARP The Magazine highlighted Charleston, South Carolina, Greenville, South Carolina and Sarasota, Florida, for retirees.

Charleston is a historic city full of attractive tax policies for retirees. Known for majestic homes and Southern culinary delights, Charleston was rated by AARP as a "dream town" for retirees. Meanwhile, Greenville is known for more than 200 sunny days a year and affordable home prices.

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