Things to Make Out of Horseshoes

two horse shoes image by Charles Taylor from

Horseshoes that are no longer good for use on horses still have lots of life left. Horseshoes are simple, sturdy and can be adjusted for a variety of purposes. Depending on how much effort a person is willing to put into their horseshoe craft project, horseshoes can be used to make almost any item imaginable.

Common items that are made from repurposed horseshoes include a variety of decorations, hooks and racks and even furniture items.


Horseshoes are a classic symbol of Western life, so adding horseshoes to a Western themed room can add a degree of authenticity. By welding together multiple horseshoes, you can form larger symbols or designs to hang on the wall. Horseshoes can be attached to the bases of large wooden picture frames, or any other piece of wood, to add a Western flair to the piece.

In addition to classic horse shoes, you can decorate horse shoes in a variety of ways. Horse shoes can be painted or designed to fit a theme. One fun idea involves painting a child's name on the horse shoe and then attaching it to the bedroom door like a nameplate as a fun western themed room decoration.

Hooks and Holders

There are several hook and holder designs that use horseshoes. Horseshoe hooks can be made by either using the horseshoe in it's traditional "U" shape and attaching the back side of the "U" to something, or the more popular (but slightly more difficult to do) two-horseshoe hook. The two-horseshoe hook involves using one horseshoe as a back/base and then cutting the other horseshoe in half and attaching it at the bottom of the "U" to form the hook.

Horseshoe hooks can be used independently to hold purses, keys, hats, bridles, ropes, coats and just about anything else that drapes, or they can be joined or grouped together to form a rack.

Horseshoes can also be welded or fused together to form items such as candle holders.


Making furniture out of used horseshoes can be challenging but creates interesting and original decor Lamps that have their bases made out of horseshoes have become somewhat popular in Western decorating. It is also possible to stack and weld horseshoes to form a creative coffee table.