Decorating Projects With Old Golf Clubs

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Those who are golf enthusiasts can have entire rooms decorated with the sport they are passionate about, or they may have a few themed house decorations. As a golfer progresses in the sport, she may need to upgrade to better clubs. Instead of getting rid of these clubs, turn them into a decorative item to be featured in your home. Some items also make a gift option for golf enthusiasts.

Umbrella Stand

Some people enjoy collecting golf memorabilia, including antique golf clubs. To display your collection of clubs, get an umbrella stand and place it against the wall or by the door. Place your golf clubs with the heads facing upward. You may want to add a golf theme to the umbrella stand as well. D├ęcoupage or paint a pattern of golf balls, clubs or other related items.

Towel Racks

Mount your old golf clubs on the wall of your bathroom to use as towel racks. Choose two clubs with either metal or wood heads to keep the look consistent. Attach one set of curtain rod brackets to the wall. Under these brackets, attach another set at least four inches underneath it. If possible, make use of brackets that extend farther from the wall than the set above it. This keeps the towels on the top rack from hitting the towels on the bottom. Place one club in each bracket set for instant towel racks.


Turn your old golf clubs into a medium-height floor lamp. Craft and home improvement stores often sell lamp kits. Take three or four golf clubs and form a tripod, with the heads touching the floor. Attach the clubs with a strong adhesive and assemble the lamp kit. Mount the kit onto the golf club tripod and add the lamp shade. Drill a small hole in a golf ball and place it on top of the lamp shade mounting hardware for an added touch.

Shadow Box

Perhaps you have a lucky club that helped you get a hole-in-one or win a big match. When it comes time for this club to retire, mount it in a shadow box that can then be put on display. Hang in your office, living room or other area so you'll always have a reminder of your big golf moment.

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