Hanging basket plant ideas

Gazebo and Hanging Baskets in an English Back garden image by Chris Lofty from Fotolia.com

Hanging baskets refer to plants in containers that are commonly hung in patios, decks and front porches. Well designed hanging baskets help to add an individualised dimension to the landscape. A wide variety of trailing flowers and foliage plants are well suited for use in hanging baskets.

Using different flower colours and combinations of plants in baskets create the best effect. When using a combination of plants, use plants with similar growth requirements.

Italian Bellflower

Italian bellflower (Campanula isophylla) is a trailing plant with stems that can grow as long as 2 feet in length. The plant blooms with upward-facing clusters of star-shaped, light blue flowers. Italian bellflower is well suited for use in hanging baskets, either by itself or in combination with other similar flowers. Alba is a white flower variety of Italian bellflower. The plant grows well in partial shade and prefers sun when growing in cooler areas. Italian bellflower is hardy in USDA zones 4 to 9. In southern California the plant thrives near the coast.

Million Bells

Million bells (Callbrachoa) is a plant closely related to petunia and blooms with bell-shaped flowers in a variety of colours including cherry, purple, pink, white, terracotta or yellow. The trailing growth habit of million bells and the compact flower clusters make it a good choice for use in hanging baskets. The plant blooms heavily through the summer in areas of light shade or sun. Million bells grows as a perennial in regions with light or no frost and is hardy in USDA zones 2 to 9.

Liquorice Vine

Liquorice vine (Helichrysum petiolare) is a trailing, foliage vine for use in hanging baskets. Plant liquorice vine either by itself or in combination with bright-coloured flowers. The silver grey leaves of the vine act as a complement to brighter floral plants. The plants retains its colour well into fall, and there are large number of varieties to choose from, including the silver liquorice vine that has grey, velvety foliage and limelight with lime green leaves. The stems of the liquorice vine grow as long as 2 to 3 feet, and the plant does well in well-drained soil in areas of full sun or partial shade.