40th birthday party celebration ideas

birthday image by Photoeyes from Fotolia.com

For many people, a 40th birthday party signals the entry into being middle-aged. When people go to their own 40th birthday party, they sometimes like to relive events from the past as well as try to make new memories for the future.

There are many different 40th birthday party celebration ideas you can choose from to make this milestone birthday special.

Out of Town

One of the surprises you can put together for someone on their 40th birthday is to have the party someplace that person has always wanted to go. It could be a special restaurant in town that he has never been to, or it could be a weekend in Las Vegas. A 40th birthday should be a memorable event, and having it someplace the guest of honour has always wanted to go can create many memories.

This is Your Life

When you are putting together a 40th birthday celebration for someone, you may start to come across friends and family members that the guest of honour has not seen for years. Rather than having these special guests show up at the party, create an event out of it by recreating the old game show "This is Your Life." Sit the guest of honour in a chair in the middle of the room and then read some information about the first special guest. After the information is read, have the special guest say hello to the guest of honour to see if he can guess who the special guest is. Then repeat this for all of the special guests. Have someone make a video of the proceedings and give it to the guest of honour as a birthday DVD.


After 40 years of living, people can create some interesting memories. In some cases, those memories are captured on film. A 40th birthday party is the perfect excuse to put those pictures into a slide show on a DVD, and then show the DVD as a part of the birthday celebration. Try to have as many people from the pictures at the party as possible.


A 40th birthday can sometimes be depressing to some people as they dread the idea of being considered middle-aged. One of the ways to combat that feeling is with a roast of the guest of honour at the birthday party. Choose a small group of friends and family members to each speak about the guest of honour and make jokes at everyone's expense. Make sure the jokes are all in good fun, and put the guest of honour in a special chair in a centrally located area in the room so everyone can see her reactions to the jokes.