Party & gift ideas for a young man's 25th birthday

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Around the age of 25 young men typically leaving behind a juvenile phase of life to enter maturity. They may be finishing college, getting married, having children or starting a career. Throw a birthday party and give gifts that will support him in this transition.

Outdoor Grill

If he loves food and is starting to discover the joy of cooking, throw him an outdoor barbecue party and give him the gift of an outdoor grill set. This can include the grill itself, as well as supplies, such as utensils, mitt, steak platter, apron and barbecue cookbooks.

Wine Tasting

At 25, he may be developing some finer tastes. Throw a wine-tasting party, either at a restaurant or a winery, and give him the gift of a "Wine of the Month" club membership. Memberships are available for periods of 2 months up to 1 year and members can receive one or more bottles of different kinds of wine monthly, bimonthly or quarterly. Microbrewed beer tasting and club memberships are another possibility.


As kids become adults and start their own careers and families, it becomes harder to take family vacations. Surprise him with a family vacation to a destination that he will appreciate. This could be anything from a beach resort to a ski lodge. Hold the birthday party at the vacation destination.


He may not be playing sports as much as he did in high school and college, so throw a sports-themed party and give him sports-related gifts. Decorate the walls with paper cutouts of players, hang balloons with his favourite team's logo, and make a cake in the form of a sporting implement, such as a football or baseball bat. As a gift, give him a subscription to a sports magazine, tickets to games or clothing with his favourite team's logo.

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