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The Tyros 2 was a second-generation arranger keyboard manufactured by the Yamaha Corp. Introduced in October 2005, it included a 61-key digital workstation with audio and MIDI recording and Super Articulation Technology, which consisted of a number of realistic preset voices. It offered 400 built-in styles that included 357 Pro Styles with 43 Session and MegaVoice Styles. It was discontinued in 2008 after the company introduced the Tyros 3 model.

Ballad and Ballroom

The Tyros 2 offered 34 Ballad Styles that included Beat Pop, Modern, Orchestral, Slow Rock, '70s Pop, '80s Boy Band and Movies, Acoustic, Analog, Chart, Chillout, Contemporary Pop, Easy, Epic, Guitar, Guitar Serenade, Love Song, R&B, Organ, Piano, New Age, Piano, Waltz, Power Ballad, Romantic and Slow & Easy.

The Ballroom Styles included a choice of 36 Styles that included Waltzes that ranged from English to Viennese, Cha Cha Cha, Foxtrot, Jive, Quickstep, Rumba, Samba, Swing, Pasodoble, Slowfox, Swingfox, Swing Waltz and Tango.

Country and Dance

The Tyros 2 offered 23 Country Styles that included Bluegrass, Sing-Along, Beat, Ballads, Brothers, Hits, Pop, Rock, Rock, Shuffle, Swings, Two Step, Waltz, Easy, Finger Pickin', Hoedown, Modern Country Pop, New Country and Singer-Songwriter.

The 41 Dance Styles included Trance, Disco (Groove, Chocolate, House, Philly Teens, '70s, '80s and '90s), Funk, Celtic Trance, Chart Pops, Hip Hop, Club, House, Latin, Disco Chocolate, Dream Dance, French House, Garage, Groundbeat, Ibizas, Latin DJs, R&B, Retro, Techno Party, Trip Hop, U.S. Hip Hop and US Pop.

Entertainer and Latin

The Tyros 2 provided 30 Entertainer Styles that included '70s French Hit, Beat Adria, Alp Ballads, Alp Rock, Caribbean, Carnival, Disco Fox, Disco Hands, Euro Pop Organ, Latin-a-Go-Go, Party Polka, Polka Pop, Pub Piano, Scand, Tijuana and 10 Schlagers (Schlager, Alp, Beat, Italia, Polka, Pop, Rock, Rumba, Samba and Shuffle).

The 38 Latin Styles offered varieties such as Bachata, Beguine, Brazilian Samba, Calypso, Cuban Son, Cumbia, Danzon, Bossa Novas, Guaguanco, Guijira, Rumba, Reggae, Latin Discos, Merengue, Orchestral Bossa, four Pop (Latin, Mambo, Rumba and Salsa), three Rumba (two Flamencos and one Island) and Salsa.

Movie & Show and Pop & Rock

The Tyros 2 offered 33 Movie & Show Styles that included '70s TV Theme, Ani Fantasy, Baroque, Broadway Ballad, Children's March, Christmas, Classic Piano Ballad, French '50s, four Movies (Ballad, Disco, Panther and Swing), three Orchestral (Bolero, March and Polka), Sci-Fi March, Secret Service, Showtune and Wild West.

The 36 Pop & Rock Styles offered styles such as '70s Beat, '90s Guitar Pop, Brit Pop, Contemporary Pop. The Rock Styles included '60s Rock, Funk Pop Rock, Hard Rock, Kool Power Rock, Rock Ballad, Rock Shuffle, Soft Rock, Southern Rock, Acoustic Rock and Standard Rock.

R&B and Swing & Jazz

The Tyros 2 offered 47 R & B Styles, which included '60s Rock & Roll, Soul, '70s Chart Soul, Amazing Gospel, Blueberry Blues, Blues, Boogie, Twist, four Gospel (Brothers, Funk, Sisters and Swing), Jazz Funk, Kool Funk, Motor City and Oldies. The Swing & Jazz Styles included Piano Boogie, Slow Blues, five Soul (Soul, Beat, Brothers, Shuffle and Swing), Southern Gospel, Swingin' Boogie, Twist and six Worship (Worship, Fast, Irish, Medium, Slow and Power Ballad).

The Swing & Jazz Styles offered 43 choices such as Big Band from the '30s and '40s, Acoustic Jazz, Afro Cuban, Bebop, Charleston, Classic, Cool Jazz, Dixieland, Easy Listening, Fast Jazz, Five-Four, French Jazz, Jump Jive, Lounge Piano, Medium Jazz, Midnight Swing, three Modern (Big Band, Jazz and Jazz Ballad) and five Orchestra (Big Band 1, Big Band 2, Swing 1, Swing 2 and Jazz Ballad).


The Tyros 2 provided 49 World Styles that included: March Banda, Brass Band, Casatchock, Celtic Dance, Cumbia Tejana, Enka, Flamenco, French Musette, German Marches, Hawaiian, Highland Waltz, Irish Dance, four Italian (Mazurka, Polka, Tango and Waltz). It even offered a variety of lesser-known styles such as Japanese Folk, Limbo Rock, four Ober (Polkas 1 and 2 and Waltzer 1 and 2), Oriental Pop, Pop Enka, Reel, three Scands (Hambo, Schottis and Waltz), Sirtaki, Strathspey, Tarantella and Zouk.

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