Third World fundraising activities

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With the various humanitarian crises that have plagued the Third World for decades, the need for organisations as well as individuals who have the means to aid these populations is crucial.

There are a number of paths that you can take that will make a difference in the lives of people struggling in poverty or disaster.

Create a non-profit

Consider establishing your own non-profit organisation dedicated to aiding people in the Third World. Consult a solicitor to help you complete paperwork and develop other aspects of your non-profit, such as establishing a board of directors and creating the governing rules.


Volunteer to coordinate fund-raising efforts for an established organisation to help people in the Third World by supplying food, medical personal and creating infrastructure in an effort toward self sufficiency. Doctors Without Borders works to provide medical services in the Third wWorld, while a other organisations are dedicated to helping build infrastructure in regions that are lacking in basic necessitates. The organisations you choose to conduct fund-raising activities for may have specific literature that you can order, or that you can be given permission to use. However, they will want to ensure that your efforts are legitimate before they allow you to use their name in your fund-raising activities.

Special events

Another idea for raising funds to aid people in the Third World is to develop an entertainment-related event. The event you choose to host can be a musical concert, a play, or a telethon with various types of entertainment presented. Create posters and flyers for your event in a graphics program to help promote your upcoming fundraiser. Alternatively, you may ask local businesses to donate items for a raffle or other contest. Other options include holding a sponsored walk or an auction to raise money for your cause.