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A professional organiser is a person who helps other people to organise their physical surroundings and their lifestyle. This is accomplished by coaching, training, and giving tips and guidance.

The profession is relatively new and is akin to that of a life coach, where part of the life coach's responsibility is to help a person organise her life.

Professional training is required to become a certified professional organiser. Certifications are offered by the Board of Certification for Professional Organizers. Online and tele-courses that lead to certification are offered by several private educational companies.

Professional Organizer Training Institute

The Professional Organizer Training Institute offers both in-person and online courses that lead to certification. The course educates you both on how to work with clients in organising their lives, as well as details on how to start and operate a home-based business in the field.

There are online audio and visual recordings to guide you through the manuals included with the course and offering personal experience from a certified professional organiser. A one-hour coach call to answer your questions after you have completed the self-study program is included. Registration is online.

Professional Organizer Training Institute

contact: Anne Blumer

phone: 503-246-0710

QC Design School

The QC Design School offers a course that results in a diploma, certifying you as an Advanced International Organizing Professional. The QC Design course states "People often feel overwhelmed and unnerved when their living environment is filled with clutter. That's why it's your mission to help them regain control of their lives and reinstate order." The course teaches you to do that, as well as to build and maintain good client relationships.

The course includes two guidebooks, course texts, instructional DVDs, hands-on assignments, business training and a personal tutor throughout the course, accessible through e-mail and by phone. Further professional certification can be obtained by passing the BCPO test.

QC Quality of Course Inc.

1011 Robin Rd

Silver Spring MD 20901


Board of Certification for Professional Organizers (BCPO)

After completing training, the BCPO offers professional certification that covers the following skills and competencies, Foundations of Professional Organizing; Legal and Ethical Considerations; Preliminary Assessment; Action Plan Development; Action Plan Implementation and Project Management; Evaluation, Follow-up and Maintenance.

The test is two hours, is online and is administered by a proctor (supervised). Certification is awarded after successfully completing the exam, and you are allowed to retest (an additional fee is required) in the event you do not pass.


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Dunedin, FL 34698

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