Things that wash out the green tint in your hair after dying it

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Sometimes people, particularly blonds, will die their hair at home with unexpected results. A green tone is a common issue with dye jobs, usually due to picking the wrong colour. Ash-coloured dye has green tones in it. There are several ways to remove this green colour.


Toners with a red base will remove or neutralise green tones in the hair. These are available for purchase at beauty supply stores. Some toners require only one use and others are more like rinses that must be used with every wash.


Purchasing and applying a dye that matches the original colour but with a red base can remove green colour from the hair. Depending on the original colour, anything from a strawberry blonde to a dark auburn will suffice.

Baking Soda

People can make a mixture of shampoo and baking soda to remove green tones. Mix the baking soda with enough shampoo to cover the hair until it becomes a paste. Then, apply it thoroughly to the hair and allow to sit for five minutes; rinse it out with cold water.


There are also food items that can remove green tones from the hair. Rinsing with apple cider vinegar, for example, can help eliminate any greenish tones. Adding equal parts of ketchup or tomato paste and shampoo together and using this to wash the hair is also an option. If the green will not come out, a person can cover their hair with straight tomato paste and allow it to sit for 10 minutes before rinsing.

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