Which Stores Sell King Arthur Flour Products?

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King Arthur Flour is a private, employee-owned milling company that produces natural flours from American wheat. Its flours have the reputation of producing consistent results and being free of bleach, preservatives and unnecessary chemicals. Although King Arthur Flour products tend to be more expensive than other brands, they are popular for both home and commercial baking uses.


King Arthur Flour produces several flours in its signature line, including all-purpose, bread, whole wheat, white whole wheat and cake flours. The all-purpose, bread, whole wheat and white whole wheat flours are also available as part of the organic line. In addition to flour, the company produces a gluten-free multipurpose flour and several baking mixes, including popovers, blueberry scones, cranberry-orange scones and cream tea scones. King Arthur Flour also produces several speciality types of flour, such as Sir Lancelot high gluten flour and Queen Guinevere plain flour, but these flours are not as widely available as the products from their signature line.

Where to Buy- Major Retailers

Although availability varies from state to state, most major American retailers and supermarkets carry select King Arthur Flour products. These includes Meijer's, Walmart, Kroger, Whole Foods and Save Mart.

Where to Buy- Other Sources

The company sells its flour and baking mixes, as well as other ingredients and baking equipment at its flagship store, the Baker's Store, in Norwich, Vermont. The products are also available for purchase through several online retailers, including Amazon, and of course, The King Arthur Flour company.

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