Tips for Making Roman Blinds

Roman blinds, or Roman shades, are window coverings that appear to be completely flat over the window when closed. But when you open these blinds, the fabric folds and forms pleats. Roman blinds are made by attaching fabric to wooden slats and placing wooden dowels within the blind to help the pleats fall correctly.

Roman blinds are an alternative to common plastic blinds.


Make sure your fabric is nicely squared before cutting it and making your Roman blinds. If your fabric is not perfectly squared and lined up, the blind will hang crooked or lopsided. The only way to fix a Roman blind that does not hang correctly is to completely remake it.

Cord Drop

Add a decorative touch to the end of your cord. You can place beads on the end of the cord, or something else, such as a tassel. This will help weigh down the cord, so that it remains in place. It will also add personality to your Roman blind.

Dowel Pockets

Make sure your dowel pockets are evenly spaced, so that when you pull up your Roman blind the pleats are uniform. The pockets that hold the blind's dowels should be placed between 8 inches and 12 inches apart. If you place your dowels too close together, the Roman blind will bunch when opened. If they are too far apart, the fabric will sag when you open the blind.


Before you begin sewing your fabric, thoroughly plan your design. Lay your fabric out, line it up properly and decide where you will place your dowel pockets all the way down the blind. Mark where your hemlines will be as well. Proper planning will make it less likely that you make a mistake and have to start over.