Candle company name ideas

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If you have the bright idea of starting a candle company waxing in your mind, you first will need to think of a name. This business name, as the first impression of your company, should be catchy and tell your customers what you sell, so make your choice wisely.

Names Based on Location

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Think locally by incorporating the name of your city, town or neighbourhood into your candle company name. For instance, if you live in a large city such as Dallas, and a Dallas Candles name exists, opt for one based on your neighbourhood, such as Plano Candles or Arlington Candles. Should you not find an available candle company name with your city or neighbourhood in it, use your street name, adding candles to the end. For example, if you base your company on Maple Street, you might be Maple Street Candles.

Soy Candle Company Names

Tell your customers exactly the type of candles that you make by using an ingredient in your company name. For example, for a soy candle company, consider: Soy Scents, Veggie Candles or The Burning Bean.

Scented Candle Businesses

Make handcrafted scented candles and let your customers know the artistry involved. Incorporate the forms of the word scent or smell into your company name to highlight the scented candle aspect of your company. Consider names such as Artful Aromas, Dollars and Scents or Sweet Scentsations.

Beeswax Candle Company Names

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Use bees and wax as themes for the name of a candle company which makes its wares out of beeswax. Think about Candles with Buzz, Candles from the Hive or Beelightful Candles.