What Are the Different Types of Cushion Covers?

pin cushion image by pearlguy from Fotolia.com

Cushion covers come in all different colours and textures, and prices can vary tremendously. Choosing the right cushion covers is an important part of decorating and furnishing any living space, whether it's a bedroom, office space, or dining area. You'll need to consider the function of the cushion when deciding which material to use.


Cushion covers are made using a diverse variety of materials, some of which are quite cheap while others can cost hundreds of dollars. Cotton and polyester are some of the more affordable materials used to make cushion covers, while authentic silk and leather covers can be quite expensive. Consider the function of your cushion cover before choosing a material. If you're covering cushions for a children's playroom, you'll obviously want to choose something cheap and durable, while a luxurious fabric might be better suited to a study or sitting room.


Cushion covers serve a wide range of functions that depend on where in the home or office they are placed. Rooms where you'll find cushion covers include bedrooms, living rooms, kitchens, studies, playrooms, and dining rooms. Cushion covers are also used outdoors for pool and deck furniture, though these covers tend to be either waterproof or easily removable because of the rain. Cushion covers not only protect the cushions inside them, they also add colour and flair to a couch, sofa, bed, or chair.


Cushion covers come in all different styles, many of which are associated with specific countries and regions around the world. Asian, Indian and Middle Eastern-style cushion covers are popular and often come with ornate patterns, trimmings and frills. Cushion covers can be as elaborate and ornate or as simple as you want them to be. The main idea when choosing an appropriate cushion is to match the style to the piece of furniture and its function. Ideally, you want the cushion cover to correspond to the general design features of the room as well. Flamboyant pink silk cushions with tassels, for example, may not work in an office, but would look great in certain bedrooms.

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