Grants for Preserving Old Homes

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Grants for preserving old homes come under the broad category of historic preservation. The National Trust for Historic Preservation issues grants for maintaining, evaluating and rebuilding some old homes and centres of historic and cultural significance. Such grants are usually provided for specific areas of arts, transportation, marine biology and science. The National Trust maintains that to be eligible for such grants, the old homes, museums and/or agencies have to be public and non-profit.

National Trust Preservation Funds

The National Preservation funds issues grants to public historic old homes, non-profit institutions and agencies. Its grants can be classified under two categories of old home preservation and intervention funds for preservation emergencies. The funds range from £325 to £3,250. These grants include the Johanna Favrot Fund for Historic Preservation. This grant sanctions up to £6,500 for the preservation of old historic homes. More information about the National Trust Preservation Funds is available at the Preservation Nation website.

Museum Assessment Program

The Museum Assessment Program is a federally funded program aimed at the preservation of old homes as public museum sites of cultural significance. The application for this grant has to be made to the Institute of Museum and Library Sciences. Usually, the grant amount depends on the financial year expenditure scheduled by the federal government. Further information about this grant can be obtained by e-mailing the assistant director of the American Association of Museums.

Grants for Arts Projects

The Grants for Arts Projects is issued by the National Endowment of Arts for the preservation of artistically designed old homes. The fund totals to £97,500 and is issued to all urban and rural old homes contingent upon the fact that once renovated the home will be open for viewing to the public. The National Endowment of Arts Institute aims to preserve old homes of religious, cultural and historic artistic significance.

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