Types of Men's Boxers

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Men who aren't interested in wearing briefs, or "tighty whities," because they are not comfortable or may lower their sperm count, have options. Underwear options for men include trunks, long johns and bikinis. Boxer shorts, also called boxers, are also available in different types.

Traditional Boxer Shorts

Traditional boxers were designed based on the shorts worn in the sport of boxing, according to the His Room website. Generally, traditional boxer shorts loosely cover men from the waist to shortly above the mid-thigh. They give men more room to move and allow more air flow to the crotch area than do briefs. The shorts have a working front fly and an approximately 3-inch inseam. Traditional boxers are made in silk or cotton and come in an array of colours.

Boxer Briefs

Boxer briefs are a combination of boxer shorts and traditional briefs. The design takes some boxer shorts elements such as the length and the working front fly. However, boxer briefs are tighter, like traditional briefs. They typically look like cycling shorts.

Compression Shorts

These shorts are similar to boxer briefs in that they are tighter and more form-fitting than traditional boxers. However, the shorts don't have a working front fly and stop just above the knee rather than higher on the thigh. Another difference between compression shorts and traditional boxers or boxer shorts is the fabric. Compression shorts are generally made out of stretchy fabric. For men interested in preventing muscle strains, avoiding chafing and keeping their muscles warm, compression shorts are a good choice. In fact, the shorts are often used instead of a jock strap, according to His Room.

Other Types of Boxers

Tapered boxers may or may not have a working front fly. Another difference between tapered boxers and traditional boxers is that the shorts are more form-fitting in the thigh area. Also, tapered boxers are vented on the sides to provide more leg movement. Full-cut boxers are different than traditional boxers because they are designed with a U-shaped panel. The panel is located between the legs to decrease binding. However, full-cut boxers are similar in design to traditional boxers because they have a working front fly.

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