The Advantages of Small Pupils

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Whether you are negotiating to land a giant business account or can't get the guy in accounting to take a hint that you're not interested, your small pupils may help you more than you realise. Pupils range in size from constricted (small) to dilated (large).

Dilated pupils indicate interest, excitement or intoxication; constricted pupils indicate lack of interest. Aside from letting the guy in accounting know how you really feel, small pupils can also be a benefit in eye surgery and are a sign of another birthday behind you.

Break the News Easily

If you're worried about letting a love interest down easily, your eyes already may have done the job. Pupil dilation is a natural reaction when two people are attracted to one another. Constricted eyes, however, let the person across the table know it may be time to get the check. Use this to see where you stand before asking someone out.

Less Risk in Eye Surgery

Concerning vision improvement surgeries, the Mayo Clinic says people with large pupils are at greater risk of side effects such as halos, starbursts and double vision. If you have small pupils, you have less to worry about during such surgery.

Helpful in Negotiations

Steve Aitchison, a writer for, says, "Skilled street traders across the world look for the size of the pupils when bartering with their customers. If a customer sees an object and their pupils are fully dilated, then the trader knows they can keep the price of the item at the higher end." In short, dilated eyes can be expensive. Keep your emotions in check and hope that your pupils will follow.

Another Year Older and Sobriety

Among wrinkles, grey hair, balding and a slouched posture, small pupils are one of the least intrusive signs of ageing. From ages 20 to 80, the size of your pupils in daylight will shrink from 4.7mm to 2.3mm -- indicating another year older, another year wiser. Another advantage of small pupils is as an indication that you're not intoxicated. A telltale sign that someone has been drinking is dilated pupils. In a job interview, small pupils will be on your side, letting the interviewer know you haven't been drinking.