Highest paying careers in the medical field

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The medical field dominates most lists of the highest paying occupations. The importance of medical care and the amount of education and expertise required to obtain a position as a medical professional make the financial rewards of this career path significant. Some specialities pay even higher than the medical average, placing them at the top of the list of the most profitable jobs available in the field.


Surgeons are often at or near the top of average wage earners in the medical field. These skilled physicians treat injuries, illnesses and deformities through invasive medial procedures. The daily work of a surgeon includes working with precision instruments and using a detailed knowledge of the anatomy. Mistakes in the operating room can result in severe consequences including major complications that can lead to death.

According to a Forbes.com survey in 2007, surgeons were the second highest paid medical professionals with an average annual salary of £119,697.


Anesthesiologists work in the operating room alongside surgeons and are responsible for administering anesthetics that prevent patients from experiencing pain during surgical procedures. The drugs these doctors use may cause the patient to sleep through the procedure or they administer a local anesthetic that merely numbs the area being operated on. Anesthesiologists may also present during other medical situations such as childbirth or an outpatient procedure such as with during vasectomy performed by a urologist.

The anaesthesiologist has a salary comparable to that of a surgeon. The 2007 Forbes.com survey placed these doctors highest on the salary list at £119,821 per year on average. Anesthesiologists and surgeons often trade places from first to second in consecutive survey years when it comes to top salary.


Obstetricians and gynecologists are doctors commonly referred to as an OBGYN. They specialise in women's health, including reproductive issues and childbirth. These doctors are in high demand and typically work in a clinical setting, often in an independent practice. Some OBGYN doctors also work in hospitals.

Obstetricians and gynecologists are the highest paid medical professionals who complete most of their work outside of the operating room. They typically work with the women they treat in an office, but are also found in the delivery rooms in hospitals and sometimes perform procedures like caesarean sections. The average salary of these doctors was £115,726 in 2007.

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