10 easy ways for kids to make money

A child helps clear snow image by Stana from Fotolia.com

Children who learn how to earn money for themselves at a young age will be more prepared as they enter the working world. They will know how to deal with different personalities and how to be responsible. If the child is successful, he can even recruit his friends and turn the enterprise into a business.

Mow Lawns

In neighbourhoods with plenty of homes, children can offer lawn mowing services. Younger ones may want to use a human-powered push reel mower as they are a bit safer to use. If they use a push reel mower, they can even advertise the service as being 'green'.

Wash Cars

Children who like to get wet and who are not afraid of a bit of work can earn money washing cars. You can even go to people's homes and wash their cars in their driveway at an additional cost.

Pet Sitting

When friends and neighbours go away on vacation, they may need someone to watch their pets while they are away. Children who like animals can offer themselves as pet-sitters for a fee. They can also include additional services like getting the mail and watering the plants.

Walk Dogs

Working people with dogs will need their dogs walked during the day if they do not have a yard. Even if they do have a yard, some people want their dog to have a midday walk. Children can put up flyers in their neighbourhood advertising their dog walking services.

Sell Lemonade

A lemonade stand is perfect for younger children. They can set it up in the driveway on a hot day and wait for people to come up. This can be taken to another level by working with neighbours who are having yard sales by setting up a lemonade stand at the neighbour's yard sale.

Yard Sale

Children can sell their own clothes that they have grown out of at their own yard sale. They can also sell any toys they no longer play with.

Baby Sitting

If the child is old enough, he or she can babysit for friends and neighbours. Parents can recruit their older children to babysit their younger siblings on a parent's night out.

Shovel Snow

In places where it snows in the winter, children can offer driveway snow shovelling services early in the morning. This would be especially helpful for the neighbours who are physically unable to do it on their own.

Rake Leaves

When the leaves start to drop in the fall, children can offer leaf-raking services to earn some extra money.


Youngsters who enjoy arts and crafts can make jewellery or paintings to sell. They can even make birdhouses and bird feeders if they are handy with woodworking. There are an endless variety of craft ideas for children. They can even sell their items online--with a parent's help.

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