Checklist for an 80th birthday party

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Planning an 80th birthday party for someone special in your life is a big undertaking, one that is sure to mean a lot to the birthday celebrant.

Keeping track of all of the party details can be daunting, but having a checklist of the most important things will help you throw the ideal bash without hardly breaking a sweat.

Party Date and Location

Before you can plan anything else about your party, you must decide on a party date and location. Ensure that the birthday guy or gal will be available on the date and time you have set aside. Choose a venue that will fit your budget and however many guests you intend to invite.

Guest List

Make a list of all of the people that should be present at the 80th birthday party. Think about family members and friends of the birthday celebrant, as well as people he may know from church, living communities or volunteer positions.


Invitations need to go out several weeks in advance of the 80th birthday party. Try to find invitations that feature the number "80" on the front, or print homemade invitations on your computer that showcase a photograph of the birthday guy on the front. Remember to include information on the date, time, location and contact information for the party.


Choose a decorating theme and purchase decorations for the 80th birthday party. If the birthday celebrant enjoys tropical colours, consider a luau-themed party. Or, if music is her thing, purchase musical note-themed plates, cups and napkins. Alternately, birthday decorations displaying the number "80" can be displayed around the room in bright colours.


Call or e-mail party guests you have not heard from a few days before the party to make sure they received their invitations. Use this as an opportunity to get an idea of the final birthday party headcount.

Food Planning

Plan food that you know the birthday celebrant particularly enjoys. Perhaps he has foods from childhood that he really enjoys. Younger guests would enjoy sampling these dishes, while they might bring back memories for other older guests. If you cannot make the foods all on your own, arrange for other guests to pitch in, or hire a caterer.


Plan 80th birthday party activities that will help the celebrant to rejoice her life and the living she still has to do. Try engaging everyone in a game of trivia featuring little known facts about the year the birthday gal was born. Ask guests to write short poems about the memories they have with the birthday guy and read them aloud, or have everyone create a collage of photos featuring the birthday celebrant. Other games could include bingo, word searches and charades.

Party Day

Arrive to the party location an hour before the start of the party. This will give you time to set up decorations, food and greet early guests. With all of your advance planning, everything should come together smoothly so that the birthday celebrant feels special and you can enjoy all of the guests.