The duties of a health care assistant

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Health care assistants can play a prominent role in large and small hospital organisations. These health care workers carry out a wide range of job duties given to them by their superiors, such as taking care of a patient's medical records and giving out flu shots to the general population during flu season. Without using health care assistants to carry out these types of duties, a doctor's nursing staff can become overwhelmed.

Assisting Doctors During Surgery

Since doctors always need assistance when performing minor surgeries such as stitching up patients after minor cuts, a medical assistant is used to hand the doctor the proper tools just as a nurse would. During these surgeries, a health care assistant can also calm the patient down so the doctor can perform the surgery accurately. Hooking patients up to blood pressure equipment, taking a patient's temperature and cleaning a patient's wound are some other duties that a health care assistant performs on a regular basis.

Performing Complete Health Check-ups

When patients come into health care facilities looking to find out why they are feeling sick, a health care assistant checks them into the facility while also starting on the necessary paperwork to admit the patient. The assistant then takes the patient's blood pressure, checks the patient's glucose levels, writes down the height and weight of the patient, performs a body mass weight check and can also begin an urinalysis test as well.

Maintenance of Medical Records

Larger hospitals and other medical facilities contain extensive medical files on thousands of patients admitted to the facility on a daily basis. One of the most important duties of a health care assistant is to insure that these records are up-to-date and contain pertinent information regarding each patient's medical condition. The assistant adds these statistics to the medical organisation's health statistics, and also writes up specific reports based on a hospital's records when the medical staff specifies this action is necessary.

Helps With Medical Programs

Medical offices and hospitals hold annual health care programs that involve getting the local community active in health care awareness. Breast cancer awareness programs, heart disease precautionary methods and asthma awareness courses are created to benefit the citizens of the area and health care assistants help bring people into these programs. By phoning up patients who have health-related problems and making sure they get checked out, as well as by sending out e-mails to other patients with weak heart conditions and other ailments, the health care assistant brings more awareness to these very important community programs.

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