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Stanley Thermos Parts

Updated April 17, 2017

Stanley has been the maker of thermoses for nearly a century. The rugged construction of a Stanley Thermos makes it a natural choice for keeping its contents as they are supposed to be for as long as possible. A Stanley Thermos can easily survive abuse for decades. The average Stanley Thermos is comprised of three basic parts.

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The Thermos

Stanley thermoses have come in a variety of shapes and sizes throughout the years. They have been used to keep hot items like coffee and soup hot, and cold items like iced tea and fruit salad cold for hours into the day. This is a result of the technology behind the vacuum sealing, which creates an airtight seal that is safe from the elements. This is not the only brand to utilise vacuum sealing, but the Stanley Thermos differs because it uses a steel insulator instead of glass.

The Stopper

The stopper is the device that completes the seal on the Thermos. The screw top has a rubber seal that seals tight to keep the elements out and prevent spilling. Some models include an added function, which allows you to store small condiments, napkins, etc. The top of the stopper on these specific models pops open on a hinged support, providing a hollow recess in the middle. In the event that you loose the stopper to your Stanley Thermos, you can easily find the replacement part number on the underside of the Thermos to order the correct one.

The Detachable Cup

The Stanley Thermos pioneered the cup that attaches to the top. Each of the different models has a corresponding cup. Larger mouthed thermoses designed for food have a much larger "bowl" sized cup. In the event that you lose the cup to your Stanley Thermos, you can find the replacement part number on the underside of the Thermos to order the correct size.

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