Types of red potatoes

red potatoes image by Karin Lau from Fotolia.com

Red potatoes are round, small potatoes that possess a thin, smooth, red skin. In comparison to other potato varieties, red potatoes are relatively low in starch content and high in sugar and moisture content.

There are many different types of red potatoes, but some are more popular than others because they are especially suitable for cooking and can hold their shape well even after boiling or frying.

Red La Soda

The Red La Soda potato is a crossbred variety that comes from the Bliss Triumph and Katahdin varieties. The potatoes are between oblong and elliptical in shape and have a bright and deep red colour to their skin that fades with time. The eyes of this potato are medium deep and wide, and the flesh is a bright white. This is a high-yielding potato that is known for its attractive appearance, which is why it is chosen for baking and cooking. These potatoes store well, but their skin is more paper-like and has a tendency to shed more easily than other varieties. This variety of red potatoes is harvested in the winter and is waxier when first harvested, making them ideal for boiling. After storage, the potato's sugar converts into starch and the potato becomes better suited for mashing and baking.

Red Pontiac

This variety of potatoes is between oblong and round in shape and offers smooth red skin that is sometimes netted. This potato features deeper eyes and whiter and waxier flesh than other varieties. The red Pontiac potato is most known for having an attractive appearance, but this variety of potato tends to bruise easily. This potato's skin has a tendency to lighten to the point where the eyes are often the only red feature. The skin of the Pontiac potato is waxier than other red potato varieties, and it is especially popular for use in chips, French fries, boiling and baking. The Pontiac red potato is a cross breed from the Katahdin and Triumph red potato varieties. Although this is a popular and common variety of red potato, its crops are especially susceptible to a number of common potato diseases.

Red Sangre

The Red Sangre variety of red potatoes is deep and red with an oblong or oval shape. The eyes of this potato are shallower and distributed more evenly than in other red varieties. The flesh of the potato is white and is good at maintaining shape during cooking. This variety of red potato is popular because it is a high yielding variety and offers a good level of storability and retention of its natural red skin colour. This variety of red potato ranks high in taste testing, according to the Canadian Food Inspection Agency. It does not experience any discolouration after cooking or baking and holds its shape well after cooking. This variety of potato is also resistant to regrowth, meaning that it can store for longer without sprouting new growth from the eyes of the potato.