Information About Chipboard

A versatile paper product, chipboard has countless commercial uses and has become a staple of the craft industry, where it's used primarily in scrapbooking.


Chipboard is a cheap form of cardboard or paperboard. Made from compressed fibres, chipboard is thicker than normal paper and may be lined on one side with either newspaper stock or manila paper.


Chipboard is used as backing material for notepads and business forms. It can also be used to make inexpensive boxes for various products, and it's often inserted to protect paper shipments.


In scrapbooking, chipboard provides thickness. It can be cut into different shapes and decorated to embellish pages, adding flair to scrapbooks. Aside from fun shapes, chipboard can create frames, photo mats, monograms, tags and titles.


There are three main types of scrapbooking chipboard. Plain chipboard comes in white or its natural brown colour and can be decorated with paint, paper, stickers or stamps. Pre-decorated chipboard is already covered with a design. Embossed chipboard, which has designs stamped into the surface.


Many craft stores will give away large pieces of chipboard that came as backing material in paper shipments. Before you purchase undecorated chipboard, it never hurts to ask if you can get some for free.

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