Inexpensive 16th Birthday Party Ideas

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A 16th birthday is a milestone that can be celebrated in an inexpensive, but memorable way. In a teenager's life this birthday transitions them from being a kid to being a young adult. There are a number of different ways to celebrate sweet 16 without spending a lot of money.

Limo Scavenger Hunt Party

Surprise the birthday girl with a stretch limousine to take her and the birthday guest on a birthday scavenger hunt. Clues should be given that will lead them to solutions at different stops around the immediate area like restaurants, stores or parks. Each clue they figure out, the limo driver will take them to that location, where they will find a gift and their next clue. The driver should be notified of the route, so that even if they miss a clue, they will still be taken to the location to get their present. If renting a limo for a couple of hundred dollars is more than you want to spend, dress up as a driver and use a van or a large suburban to transport everyone.

Black and White Party

A dance can be held at the house of the birthday boy with a deejay and a good sound system. The black and white theme must be the only colours worn to the dance. Beyond paying for the deejay and refreshments this is an inexpensive party. How the black and white theme is interpreted by the guests' outfits makes this 16th birthday party unique and memorable.

Go-Kart Party

Renting a go-kart track or treating the birthday boy and a few guests to a few hours of racing go-karts can be done inexpensively. This party allows the teenage drivers-to-be a chance to enjoy some high-speed driving in a controlled environment.