The Best Residential Hot Water Boilers

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When shopping for a water boiler for your home, the most important thing to keep in mind is how efficient that water boiler is. More efficient water boilers will save you money over time. The best residential water boilers are water boilers that are approved by Energy Star. Energy Star water boilers are extremely efficient and give consumers the most for their money.

Burnham Alpine Gas Boiler

The Burnham Alpine Gas Boiler is an Energy Star boiler and has an energy efficiency rating of 95 per cent. This unit uses a stainless steel heat exchanger and comes in seven different sizes ranging from 80 to 500 MBH. The Burnham Alpine Gas Boiler is stackable, allowing for use with modular applications. Gas, water and electric connections are conveniently located next to each other on the left side of the unit. There are multiple venting options, including CPVC venting, PVC venting, polypropylene concentric venting and two-pipe stainless steel venting.

Peerless Pinnacle

The Peerless Pinnacle is an Energy Star boiler and works with both LP and natural gas. This Energy Star boiler has a stainless-steel frame, making it extremely durable. Emissions are reduced with the use of a new metal mesh burner. Other features on the Peerless Pinnacle residential boiler include a fully modulating burner, spark ignition, a safety relief valve and a Venturi System gas valve. The Peerless Pinnacle comes as a wall-mounted unit. This Energy Star boiler works with a direct ventilation system and has a P825 control board.

Lennox GWB9-IH Boiler

The Lennox GWB9-IH Boiler is an Energy Star qualified boiler that works with traditional radiator systems. The energy efficiency rating on this Lennox Boiler is 90 per cent. The cast aluminium heat exchanger heats up three times faster than cast iron, helping consumers save money. Sealed combustion on this unit minimises fan noise while providing heat. This Energy Star boiler is constructed of aluminium alloy and is corrosion resistant.

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