Ideas to Display Fruit for a Wedding

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Decorate your wedding with a fresh-scented, eye-catching, inexpensive fruit display. Pick a fruit that suits the season or colours you have selected for your wedding. Slice your fruit for an added aroma or display it whole. Consider showing off your fruit in an edible fashion to satisfy guests' appetites.

In a Vase

Display fruit in a decorative vase for a wedding accent. Put the fruit of your choice in a clear vase. Choose a size and shape that fits the type of fruit you plan to display. Fresh or fake fruit can be used. Choose a fruit that fits your wedding theme, season or colours. Place a group of whole fruits in the vase or slice the fruit and add water to the vase.

With Flowers

Combine fresh fruit with a floral arrangement as a wedding display. Put sliced or whole fresh fruit in a clear vase. A wide cylinder or square vase will do. Add water and a grouping of flowers and/or greenery to the vase. You may need to shift the fruit around a bit to fit the stems of the flowers in the vase. Sliced oranges, lemons or limes work well. Whole fruits to consider include berries or grapes. Use a fruit that has a contrasting colour against your flowers.

With Candles

Create an illuminated fruit display for your wedding with accent lights. Place a pillar or group of pillar candles in the centre of a plate or bowl surrounded by your choice of fruit. Use small fruits like berries or grapes or larger fruits like apples, lemons, limes or oranges. For a tropical wedding theme, carve a pineapple similar to the way you would a pumpkin and put tea lights inside. Another option is to put whole or sliced fruits in a water-filled vase and place floating candles on top.


Display fresh fruit with an edible option. Offer fruit fondues on guests' tables or on one main food table. Display bowls of different fruits like grapes, apples, pineapple, strawberries and raspberries. Provide one or several fondue pots dripping with white, dark or milk chocolate for guests to dip the chocolate in. Another edible fruit display includes a plate or bowl of chocolate-covered strawberries. The dipped strawberries can even be formed into a type of tower or cake-like display that guests can pick and snack on.

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