Hand Held Video Games for Grandparents

Senior citizens often enjoy playing handheld games, but they don't necessarily enjoy playing the violent, suggestive games younger players thrive on. Thus, if you're looking for handheld games for grandparents, consider brain games that provide clean, thought-provoking entertainment.

Keep in mind that tiny font and objects in typical handheld games can be hard to read for ageing eyes, so purchase games with bigger print when buying handheld games for grandparents.

Battleship Handheld Game

Battleship is a game many people of different generations enjoy. If a senior adult has no one to play the real Battleship game with, or would rather play against a computer than a human, the handheld Battleship video game is a fun choice.

Game play is the same as with the real set-up; sink your opponent's ships by guessing his coordinates on the grid. The grid houses large enough objects to view without difficulty, and the buttons requiring the most use are fairly large.

Sudoku Handheld Game

The handheld Sudoku game comes with a stylus, so your grandparent doesn't have to use her fingers to make small selections on the Sudoku screen. Sudoku comes with different levels of challenge, which will also keep the mind busy while working to solve the puzzle. According to Amazon.com, there are millions of computer-generated puzzles and 400 handcrafted puzzles as well as the capability of creating some of your own.

NBC Sports Handheld Game

Fans of hockey, golf, baseball, basketball, soccer and football will thoroughly enjoy the NBC Sports Trivia handheld game. The handheld game features an large screen with big font as well as large, colourful buttons. There are over 1,000 sports trivia questions loaded in the game which are sure to provide hours of entertainment for a grandparent.

Large Screen Solitaire Handheld Games

Many grandparents enjoy playing cards, so they're sure to enjoy playing a handheld Solitaire game. There are several Solitaire games to choose from, but some boast larger screens and fonts than others. Some provide Draw 1 and Draw 3 Klondike Solitaire while others feature Vegas Solitaire and Klondike Solitaire.

Handheld Game Features

Not all handheld games are made the same. Some come with the necessary batteries, and some don't. Certain handheld games feature an automatic shutoff cycle after being idle for more than two minutes. Consider how difficult the packaging might be for an elderly person to open. If you're giving the handheld game as a gift, unpack it for them before wrapping it; if you're unsure whether she'll want to keep the game, offer to unwrap it for her after she opens the present and decides to keep it.