Symptoms of knotted muscle at the shoulder blade

A knotted muscle near the shoulder blade can be painful, uncomfortable or just mildly irritating. There are several symptoms that can occur as a result of this condition. To alleviate discomfort here, focus on good posture, stretching, massage and deep breathing to try to release knots at the shoulder blade.


When you have a knotted muscle near the shoulder blade, it can be quite painful. It might feel like something's pulling on your shoulder blade, and it might make it harder to breathe or move. If the pain is severe or lasts for several days, call your doctor. Pain in one area of the body can also cause discomfort in another area, so you might notice related pain in your back, neck, head and jaw as well.


If you have a knotted muscle, your shoulder literally might feel tighter and harder to move and stretch. In addition, your range of motion on one side might be decreased compared to the other, depending on the placement of the knot.


There might be some swelling near the site of the knotted muscle. You might be able to feel the knot through the skin and notice a raised, bulging area.


In more extreme cases, a knotted muscle at the shoulder blade can cause some numbness, especially if nerves are involved. Again, if this lasts for several days or appears severe, contact your doctor.