Ideas for banquet hall names

Choosing a banquet hall name is not unlike choosing a name for any other business. Choosing the right name depends largely on finding a name that suits the business, attracts customers and provides specific information about the type of banquet hall you wish to operate.

While some banquet halls are suited for a variety of events, others are larger, more elegant and better suited for certain types of events such as weddings. Regardless of what type of facility you operate, you'll want to choose a fun, catchy banquet hall name that lets your renters know about your business.

Choose a Name by Location

For a property with multiple banquet halls of varying sizes and shapes, choose a name that includes the location of the property. This strategy is more effective than trying to choose a name that describes all the banquet hall types available on the property. For example, Cincinnati Banquet Halls is a more concise banquet hall name than Ron's Excellent Wedding and Catering Banquet Hall Rooms. The former name is simple and clearly explains to potential renters that multiple banquet halls are available for rent at its Cincinnati location.

Choose a Name by Reputation

Opt for brand power when naming your banquet hall. In other words, choose a banquet hall name that links the hall to other successful businesses you currently own or have owned in the past. Crowne Plaza Hotels follows this model. The company names its entire selection of banquet halls across the country Crowne Plaza Hotel Banquets. This idea is also applicable for small business owners as well. As a business owner you can incorporate the name of any current business that you own into the name you choose for your banquet hall. Doing so will let potential customers know that you have expanded your business to include banquet halls, while at the same time build a brand that connects the banquet hall to the success you have previously experienced. Ron's Catering Banquet Halls is a good example of this.

Choose a Name by Type

Choose a banquet hall name that defines the type of banquet hall you intend to operate. For example, Los Angeles Country Club Banquets clearly identifies for customers that the banquet hall is located near a golf course and may enforce specific membership requirements. This particular name also establishes for the renter what type of facility you operate and how it may be set up. Wedding banquet halls are set up differently from corporate banquet halls, so if you cater to a specific type of event you'll want to make sure this information is included in the name.