Gift Ideas for Someone Who Loves Motorcycles

Picking out a gift for someone can sometimes be tricky, in which case you should look for gifts that have to do with their interests. You have many different options when shopping for a gift for the motorcycle lover in your life.

You can choose from gifts to fit almost any budget and that can be purchased for a biker that you know really well or a biker that you hardly know at all.


Do-rags are essentially strips of fabric sewn together to be fitted to the head and then tie in the back. Bikers wear do-rags to keep their hair out of their face, to help hide helmet hair and to help prevent it from becoming really tangled. Do-rags also help to leep biker's cool in hot climates and warm in colder climates.

Key Chain

An inexpensive gift that you can give any biker is a key chain with a motorcyle theme or with the maker of their bike's name on it, such as Harley Davidson. These key chains can be found in biker shops, bike dealerships or online at sites such as the one linked in the Resources section.


Wearing a helmet when riding a motorcycle could save your life which makes a motorcycle helmet a caring gift to give a person who loves motorcycles. You can get motorcycle helmets with all kinds of designs and says on them so you should be able to find one to suit any rider. You can find motorcycle helmets online and in bike shops.


A stylish pair of shades makes a wonderful gift for the motorcycle lover in your life. A good pair of sunglasses can protect a biker's eyes from the bright sun, the wind rushing by as well as from little bugs just waiting to land in an unprotected biker's eye. You can find a classic pair of sunglasses at stores that specialise in sunglasses, such as the Sunglass Hut, or a biker shop.

Motorcycle-Themed Novelty Gifts

You can purchase a gift for a motorcycle lover who isn't a motorcycle rider by purchasing them a motorcycle-themed novelty gift. You can find a variety of novelty gifts with a motorcycle theme online at sites like the second on linked in the Resources section. You can also find some motorcycle-themed novelty gifts at biker shops. Motorcycle-themed novelty gifts include miniature motorcycle models, Harley Davidson fleece throws, key chains and wallets. You can even get motorcycle-themed T-shirts for the non-riding motorcycle enthusiast.