Ideas for a Cake Topper for an 80 Year Old

Marking an 80th birthday is a milestone to be shared with friends and family. When deciding on how to make a birthday cake a special gesture at such an event, the cake topper can be a opportunity to showcase the birthday recipient’s past or present experiences and give guests an intimate view of the person’s life.

Historical Event During the Year of Birth

A topper that reflects an important event or popular song, movie or fashion trend the year the person was born would be a customised cake topper that is nostalgic and give guests a historical context for how much history the person has lived through. Websites like check 6 archives including the BBC News and New York Times for historical facts on any given day and year. The Vintage Fashion Guild provides a timeline of fashions that could translate well to a customised topper.

Vintage Photograph in a Frame

A small photograph of 2x5 or 3x5 of a vintage photo of a childhood home, childhood school picture, wedding or family photo would create a one-of-a-kind cake topper. If using a real picture frame, make sure the frame has been cleaned. You might also investigate having an edible frame with a replica of the photo created. Consult a bakery that specialises in recreating photos and creating edible cake toppers. Online sources for customised and edible cake toppers include

Original Wedding Cake Topper

Special memories can be evoked by using an original wedding cake topper if available. To mark a milestone like an 80th birthday, remembering a milestone event like a wedding day would be appropriate.

Favourite Pet Cake Topper

If the person is or was a pet owner, a cake topper of a favourite pet breed could mark an important part of the person’s life that can be shared with guests. Most pet stores sell replicas of a variety of animals or could secure a replica. It is recommended that the replica be a ceramic or crystal version to avoid any possible issues with toxicity that a plastic version might have.

Favourite Flower Cake Topper

Real or edible version of the person’s favourite flower can add a personal touch as a cake topper. If the flowers are real, make sure the flower is not toxic. Ask a florist or call a local poison control centre to inquire about safety prior to using a plant or flower on a cake.

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