Cheats for "2D Knockout"

"2D Knockout" is a boxing simulation game, playable online, in which players take control of an up-and-coming boxer who must defeat a number of opponents to become the world champion. If you wish to incorporate cheats into your gameplay, you can do so by playing the special hacked version of "2D Knockout," available online with the original.

Hacked Version Location

You can access the original version of "2D Knockout" on the Free Online Games website. However, the hacked version resides on a different server. Visit Arcade PreHacks to access the hacked version of "2D Knockout" (see References for links).


In the hacked version of the game, the boxer you control is immune to the punches of his opponent. You will not lose energy for any damage you take.

Infinite Time

In some cases, you may lose the fight because you could not knock out your opponent in time. The hacked version of the game gives you infinite time, allowing you to defeat your opponent at your own pace.

Level Select Codes

The codes entered at the beginning of the game to get to a specific level have been changed to the number of the level in the hacked version of the game. For example, if you want to go to level 10, you must enter the code "10" instead of the original code.

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