How Much Do Postmen Get Paid?

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Although their slogging through rain, snow, sleet and hail may have lessened due to e-mail and online correspondence, the professionals of the postal service hit the road six days a week to perform their jobs. As postal carriers head door to door or box to box, they have more than just the mail on their minds. The area a postman chooses to serve can have a major impact on salary, even within the boundaries of a state or across city lines.


Approximately 324,990 postal carriers were responsible for ensuring delivery of the country's letters, bills, magazines, catalogues, packages and advertisements, as of May 2010. When the Bureau of Labor Statistics conducted its Occupational Employment and Wages report for that time period, the mean annual wage for a postal carrier was £32,662. The salary pay scale ranged from £25,018 at the 10th percentile to £36,263 at the 90th percentile.

Top of the Pile

The states at the top of the BLS list of highest paying areas for postal carrier salaries all offered annual mean wages clustered closely together. The District of Columbia led the country, with mail employee salaries of £34,268. Employers in Alaska paid their postal carriers £34,203, while those in Hawaii paid annual mean wages of £34,131. California was the fourth highest payer of postal carrier salaries, at £33,923, and Massachusetts closed out the top five with annual mean wages of £33,715 for the profession.

Large States, Plentiful Jobs

California, the fourth-highest payer for postal carrier salaries, was also the largest per-capita employer for postal carriers. New York placed second and paid an above-mean salary of £33,299. Texas came in as the third largest employer of postal carriers, paying wages of £32,831. Florida was right behind Texas in postal carrier employment and offered slightly higher salaries, at £32,838. The fifth-largest employer of postal carriers, Illinois, paid £32,987.

Highest Paying Cities

The BLS noted several cities that paid significantly higher salaries to postal carriers, even if the state itself didn't make the BLS list of top five highest or the state fell under the national mean. Carson City, for example, paid postal carriers an above-average £34,755, even though Nevada didn't make the BLS list. Michigan's Detroit-Livonia-Dearborn areas also placed on the BLS list as a top metropolitan area for the profession, with annual mean wages of £34,482.

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