Easy Homemade Super Hero Costumes

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A superhero isn't always a character from the pages of a comic book with super powers. That's still the most common picture of a superhero in the public's mind, but in the present day, superheroes also come from movies and video games. Not all superheroes even wear costumes. You have a lot of creative options if you need to make an easy superhero costume at home.

Keep It Simple

Multiple colours and other frills can complicate a costume. Superheroes with a lot of tools, toys or accessories are not good choices for simple homemade costumes. You probably won't be able to duplicate Wolverine's claws or Spiderman's webslinger. Superheroes with simpler costumes, usually in a single colour, tend to be easier to recreate. Certain classic colour combinations and accessories are commonly associated with certain superheroes, so even if your costume is obviously homemade, it can still be recognisable.


Comic book heroes are one type of superhero, but the superheroes from recent movies display some impressive abilities. Obviously, some superpowers are impossible to recreate without a stuntman or computer-generated graphics, but that doesn't mean you can't make them a part of your simple homemade costume by utilising certain accessories. A pair of dark sunglasses will help your Cyclops costume. A yellow string can be Wonder Woman's golden lariat.

Homemade Superheroes

If you're going to make a costume at home, you don't have to model it after an existing superhero. It's just as easy to be creative and start with a costume and then make up a superhero to match it. A pair of latex gloves and big goggles can turn an ordinary person into Dishwasher Man. Put on a flannel sheet as a cape and carry a teddy bear as your sidekick to become the heroic Bedtime Lady.

Superhero Role Playing

Keep in mind that superheroes are more than just colourful tights and capes. They are famous individual characters in their own right. It's not only their powers and toys, but their fame also comes from having a certain attitude. Think of this attitude as part of your costume. Superman is a bit of a boy scout. Wonder Woman is an outspoken amazon. Rogue of the X-Men has a sultry accent. If you want to be Batman, brood.

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