What Is the Superstitious Meaning of Hiccups in Adults?

Old wives' tales suggest that startling a child with hiccups or telling a little one to hold his breath will get rid of the hiccups. However, there are other superstitions associated with hiccups that adults sometimes subscribe to.

In addition to learning about the folklore behind hiccups, it's also important to know how to cure hiccups as soon as possible.

Complaints and Dislikes

The Whimsy website asserts that those who believe in superstitions think that hiccups are a sign that someone who doesn't like you has complained about you to someone else. Folklore suggests that the only way for you to get rid of the hiccups is to guess the name of the person who is unhappy with you.

Bad Luck

There is also a bad luck superstition associated with hiccups. Some people believe that when you start hiccuping, it is a sign that you are possessed by the devil and your body is giving you the signal that you now have bad luck, especially if the hiccups last for a few days. So, of course, you'd want the hiccups to subside as soon as possible.

Thoughts Toward You

The Russian superstition concerning hiccups is that when you start hiccuping, someone is thinking of you. This could be good or bad, but most people take the superstition positively and view their hiccups as a sign that someone is sending them well wishes.

Getting Rid of Hiccups

To relieve oneself of the hiccups, the Fencible website suggests drinking a glass of water. While drinking the water, hold your breath and recite the words "As I went over the bridge, the hiccups fell in the water" three times, according to the website. Drinking nine gulps of water without taking a breath is another superstitious remedy for getting rid of the hiccups. The Masters in Healthcare website also suggests swallowing a teaspoon of sugar to become hiccup-free, or gargling with ice water without swallowing the ice cubes. The hiccup remedies associated with children, like scaring little kids or having them breathe into a paper bag, can work for adults as well. Drinking a teaspoon of vinegar can take the hiccups away as well, but the if the bitter taste is too much to tolerate, mixing the vinegar with sugar is a suitable remedy as well. If you cough or sneeze, this could help hiccups to subside as well, according to the Masters in Healthcare website, as these activities contract the diaphragm and breaks up the hiccup pattern.