Games Saves for 'Need for Speed: Undercover' for the PS3

Kiyoshi Ota/Getty Images News/Getty Images

"Need for Speed: Undercover" is a game for several consoles, including the PlayStation 3. You play as a police officer who goes deep undercover to investigate a street racing ring. Saving the game is easy and is done automatically for you on the PlayStation 3 unless otherwise indicated.

Saving and Auto Saving

"Need for Speed: Undercover" saves automatically whenever you complete a race or a mission. It saves your stats, progress, cars you collected, among other things. You can also save the game manually by pressing start and selecting "Save Game." You can turn auto save off from the main menu. You can only save one game file per game profile on the PlayStation 3, so if more than one player uses the console, they will need to make their own gamer profile to save their own progress.

Space Required

The PlayStation 3 iteration of "Need for Speed: Undercover" requires at least 1GB of free space to save. The smallest PlayStation 3 hard drive is 20GB (slightly less after formatting the drive). There are also 40, 60, 80, 160 and 250 GB models that should typically be far large enough to accommodate "Undercover" game saves.

Portable Saves

You can keep game save files on a miniSD card or USB flash drive as well using the PlayStation 3's SD card slot. Create a file called "PS3" with a folder within it called "SAVEDATA" on an SD card and place it in your console's card slot. You will be asked which save medium you wish to save your game file on when you save "Need for Speed: Undercover." You will be able to select either "Hard Drive" or "SD Card." Keeping your game save files on an SD card allows you to use your game saves on other consoles, which is useful when you visit friends or relatives.

Copy Protection

Some PlayStation 3 games have save files available online for download. "Need for Speed: Undercover"s saves, however, are copy protected. You cannot download save files from the Internet onto SD cards and use them on your PlayStation 3.