Why Is My Battery Not Charging on My Acer 1?

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Acer Incorporated released the Acer Aspire One line of netbooks in July 2008. Like any laptop or netbook, these machines were issued with rechargeable batteries. However, while rechargeable batteries are designed to accept multiple recharges over an extended period of time, sometimes they run into trouble.

There may be a number of reasons why an Acer One netbook battery is not charging, but several possibilities stand out.

Battery Defect

From time to time, batteries experience a defect during production. This defect may or may not be readily noticed when the netbook is shipped, and defects also may not appear during initial netbook use. Defects may prevent the battery from charging, so it is important to regularly check the Acer site to see if any defects or recalls have been initiated by the company.

Battery is Dead

Over time, Acer One netbook batteries will lose their ability to recharge. This depends on a number of factors including the total number charges the battery has received, how often these charges are made, and whether the battery is allowed to drain periodically. Once the battery has died, it will need to be replaced, since it will no longer take a charge. New batteries can be purchased through local computer service centres.

  • Over time, Acer One netbook batteries will lose their ability to recharge.

Battery Not Fully Plugged In

Occasionally, an Acer One battery that refuses to charge is merely suffering from a poor connection. This poor connection may occur either at the wall outlet or at the outlet where your power cord plugs into your computer. In order for an Acer One battery to charge, the power cord must be plugged firmly into both a wall outlet and the netbook itself.

Broken Adapter

Occasionally, the power adaptor on an Acer One netbook will be damaged or broken, preventing a charge. Broken adaptors can be caused by a number of factors, including internal adaptor problems and broken pins. If this is the case, a new adaptor will need to be purchased before the netbook battery will take a charge.