Fabrics That Look Like Wood Grain

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"Wood grain" conjures images of peaceful forests and warm country homes. Fabrics featuring wood-grain patterns are commonly used in crafts, quiltsand apparel. A variety of wood-grain fabrics in a range of colours are created by textile manufacturers.

Woodgrain by Joel Dewberry

The FreeSpirit fabrics line offers Woodgrain fabric, which is available in two colours: bark brown and vintage yellow. Woodgrain is part of fabric designer Joel Dewberry's Aviary 2 collection. As of June 2011, this pure cotton fabric retails for about £6 per yard..

Raw Umber Wood Grain from Marcus

The Marcus fabric company produces this wood-grain fabric made of 100% cotton. The fabric features sharply contrasting dark and light regions. Overlaying the wood grain are diamond-shaped geometric elements that make the fabric reminiscent of wallpaper. As of June 2011, the retail price is £3.20 per yard.

Wood Grain from P&B Textiles

Wood Grain is a part of P&B Textiles' Countryscapes collection. The Countryscapes collection includes designs reminiscent of classic country elements such as wood, bricks, rolling hills, water and cracked earth. Wood Grain comes in four colours: charcoal, tan, chocolate and maple. This fabric is 100% cotton and is suitable for quilting. As of June 2011, it retails for £6.0 a yard.

Michael Miller Gnomes Woodgrain Natural

Part of the Michael Miller Gnomes collection, Woodgrain Natural replicates the design of a classic wood-plank floor. Woodgrain Natural is 100% cotton and comes in golden yellow and brown. The fabric is suitable for quilting and retails for £6.40 per yard as of June 2011.

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