How much does it cost to remove a swimming pool?

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Owning a swimming pool is great when it comes to having years and years of fun with friends and family. Sadly, all swimming pools will age and there may come a time when it makes more sense to remove a pool than to repair or renovate it.

The cost to remove a swimming pool varies, though, and the total removal cost will depend on several factors. In-ground swimming pool removal, for instance, typically costs more than removing an above-ground pool.

In-ground pools

At the time of publication, the cost to remove an inground swimming pool can be as much as £9,750 for a full demolition and filling in. Swimming pool removal costs also vary depending on whether a pool is being fully or partially demolished. A partial swimming pool demolition entails removing only part of an in-ground swimming pool and filling in the rest. Partial swimming pool demolition plus removal costs are as low as £3,900.

Above-ground pools

Above-ground swimming pool removal costs are often much lower than in-ground pool removal costs. At the time of publication, one swimming pool removal company was quoting an average cost of £156 for a complete above-ground pool removal. A very detailed and large above-ground pool, however, can run to a few thousand pounds or more to completely remove. Happily, though, there are even companies offering to remove above ground pools for free if they're made of aluminium or steel.

Reducing costs

You can reduce the costs attached to swimming pool removal by performing some of the removal work yourself. To start lowering the total cost of a swimming pool removal drain the pool's water yourself. Always make sure you follow local municipal codes for draining of swimming pools. If you want to reduce swimming pool removal costs, disconnect and remove any attached equipment such as filters, heaters and lights before demolition begins.

Two-foot removal

The 60 cm (two foot) swimming pool removal method is the most common way to remove an in-ground pool. In two-foot swimming pool removal only the top 60 cm (two feet) of the pool is removed, with the remainder of the pool filled in with clean and compacted soil. The two-foot swimming pool removal method is often used when an old pool site is going to be landscaped. Costs are somewhat lower for swimming pool removal using the two-foot method than for other methods of in-ground pool removal.