In-Ground Swimming Pool Removal

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All in-ground swimming pools, no matter their type of construction, inevitably bump up against serious maintenance or renovation costs. In some cases, if an in-ground swimming pool is too old, it can make sense to just have it removed rather than overhauled.

When an in-ground swimming pool removal is called for, it's wise to understand how it's done and what its cost range is. To remove an in-ground swimming pool, for example, site preparation and demolition will be necessary.

Removal Processes

When removing an in-ground swimming pool, there are three general pool-removal methods that can be used. In-ground swimming pools can be completely demolished and then removed, for one. Another way to remove an in-ground pool is through partial removal of the top, tiled layer of the pool. The last general method for removing an in-ground swimming pool involves partially demolishing the pool to a depth of 2 feet; this is the most common method.

Complete Demolition

Complete demolition to remove an in-ground swimming pool is often used when a building or structure is going to built over the former pool. When removing an in-ground pool using complete demolition, anything to do with the actual pool and surrounding decking is demolished and removed. Complete demolition to remove an in-ground swimming pool can take the shortest amount of time. However, complete demolition tends to be the most expensive option.

Top Layer

Removing an in-ground swimming pool by demolishing only its top, tiled layer is a fairly straightforward process. All pool surfaces below the top, tiled layer of a to-be-removed in-ground swimming pool are left in the pool hole, with the top layer demolished. Anything torn out of the pool can be left in the hole as fill or trucked away, depending on local codes. Additionally, holes have to be punched into a partially demolished in-ground swimming pool to allow for future water drainage needs.

2-Foot Demolition

An in-ground swimming pool that's removed by demolishing the pool from the top down to 2 feet below the top also requires holes in remaining pool surfaces. Like top-layer swimming pool demolition and removal, the demolished pool materials may be left in the pool as fill. All three methods of in-ground pool removal require demolition, removal and then filling-in of old pool holes with soil. It can take a lot of soil to fill in a removed swimming pool's hole.


If you'd like to remove your in-ground swimming pool, you can perform some of the preliminary work yourself, including draining and hole punching. It can take two days or more to drain a 25,000-gallon swimming pool. After you've drained your in-ground pool, you can also punch your own holes in its bottom, at least. At the time of publication, the cost of having an outside contractor remove a pool ranged from £3,900 to £9,750.