The best balisong trainer knives

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A balisong is the Filipino word for butterfly knife. Immensely popular in the Philippines, balisongs have a reputation for being extremely dangerous and difficult to use. Handling one requires much practice and dexterity to execute the flips and manipulations needed to properly open the knife.

Butterfly knife trainers, featuring blunt, unsharpened blades still may be subject to legal question, despite the fact that they are not legally regarded as "weapons" in certain places. Luckily, there are safe, legal and even humorous alternatives to questionable balisong trainers.

Black Tactical FURY Balisong Butterfly Trainer

The Black Tactical FURY Balisong Butterfly Trainer is completely legal to carry and to own. Because of its design, its stainless steal blade cannot be sharpened or honed into a dangerous edge. Weighing in at 142g (5 oz), the Black Tactical FURY Balisong Butterfly Trainer is an online bargain at £8.40 as of June 2011.

Balisong Butterfly Trainer Spanner

The Balisong Butterfly Trainer Spanner is a safe, legal tool that teaches you how to use a balisong without the possibility of hurting yourself. It features a spanner inside the handles, instead of a blade, allowing you to practice the art of using a balisong without the danger. The handy spanner fits four hexagonal bolt heads of different sizes, and has an online cost of £7.10 as of June 2011.

Bali-Fork Butterfly Balisong Fork & Bottle Opener

This balisong-style combination fork and bottle opener is another safe alternative to the otherwise dangerous, and only sometimes-legal balisong. Get laughs at parties as you display your ability to deftly open the Bali-Fork Butterfly Balisong Fork & Bottle Opener to uncap friends' drinks, or spearhead some hors d'oeuvres. Down from £22.70 to £7.10, as of June 2011, this trainer is priced well for the quality.

Bali-Comb Butterfly Balisong Comb

The Bali-Comb Butterfly Balisong Comb is a hefty, quality trainer that comes in black stainless steel. Get rid of your bad hair-day with some balisong style, and get some laughs in the process. With no blade inside -- just a comb -- this trainer costs £8.40 online, as of June 2011. This product has limited availability, as it has been discontinued.