A List of Vodafone Callertunes

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Vodafone Callertunes is a service that provides customised ringtone sounds. It was designed for use by Indian Vodafone customers. With the Callertunes feature activated, callers hear songs or other noises selected by the phone owner until the call is answered or sent to voice mail.

Popular Songs

Popular musical selections are included on a list of Vodafone Callertunes. Choose from tracks by artists such as Avril Lavigne, Lady Gaga and Selena Gomez. Rock, pop, hip-hop and Top 20 are among the many musical genres represented in the music library, though some pundits such as The Guardian newspaper suggest adults who use popular musical tones should choose an age-appropriate song. To maintain a professional appearance, use Callertunes customisation settings to ensure that certain songs play only for certain callers.


A number of instrumental tracks also are included in the Callertunes library. Choose highly recognised classical selections from Mozart and Bach. Use inspirational pieces featuring soothing religious chants and hymnal pieces to relax callers. Give callers a reason to celebrate using Holiday-themed tunes. Additional instrumental tones include movie soundtracks, commercial jingles and television show theme songs. Use an instrumental version of a popular song to avoid exposing callers to potentially offensive content.


Customers looking to celebrate their heritage should choose a traditional Callertune. Sanskit, Indipop and Punjabi are among the many traditional selections offered. Some refer to traditional selections as Desi music. Many Pakistanians, Indians and Begalis living in other countries use the term Desi to describe another individual who shares a heritage. Bollywood songs are also available. Choose from A Day Before Chintoo Singh, 12 Baje Wahan Hindi and Waada Raha Kaisi Male B in the Callertunes library.

Miscellaneous Sounds

Additional Callertunes include animal noises and cricket team songs. Select a nursery rhyme in the Fun Zone. Choose a series of jokes to entertain callers while they wait. In India, the fourth Sunday in July is designated as Parents Day. Children honour their parents and the sacrifices made for family. Celebrate Parents Day by selecting the Aap Ko Mera Salaam Hae tune. Sounds of raindrops, running water and car engines also are on a list of Vodafone Callertunes.